Gallery readings with psychic lori
Special and intimate paranormal events in Milwaukee.

Gallery Readings with Psychic Lori

Psychic Lori

Join Psychic Lori at Milwaukee’s “romantic” Brumder Mansion
on Sunday, December 4 for Gallery Readings from 7 – 9 pm.

We had such a wonderful and paranormal Halloween at the world-famous Brumder Mansion, that I have been asked to return for a series of Gallery Readings. While they call it romantic in the official guide, it’s almost effortless to dig deeper into the “historical” aspect of the Brumder B&B to find out that it is considered to be one of the top paranormal hot spots in all of Wisconsin.

According to HAUNTED PLACES TO GO “It has been established that there are at least three ghostly spirits in the mansion that are believed to be intelligent hauntings. This basically means that they are able to interact with the living. It is said that the spirits are welcoming, though if experienced firsthand, they may be a bit frightening, simply because they may catch you off guard.”

With that in mind, I encourage you experience Brumder to the fullest and reserve one of their 6 beautiful suites. All of the rooms have fireplaces and are surprisingly reasonable, ranging from $89 – $169 per night – with 4 of the 6 suites having hot tubs. But, enjoying the accommodations is not a requirement in order to join me for Gallery Readings in Milwaukee at the Brumder Mansion. All are welcome and I look forward to meeting you in person.

Seating is limited to approximately 50 persons and tickets are $40 for the 2-hour session. You may secure a reservation for the Gallery Readings by calling the Brumder front desk at the number listed below. I will also be providing half-hour and one-hour private readings (at $65 and $120 per person) by appointment before and after the Sunday Gallery Readings and again on Monday. Please phone: 920.615.4646 to secure your spot.

The Brumder Mansion is located at 3046 W. Wisconsin Avenue, a main street that runs from downtown Milwaukee, past Marquette University and runs parallel to I-94. Brumder Mansion is on the corner of North 31st and West Wisconsin, in the historic Concordia District. Call 414.342.9767 with questions, to RSVP for the Gallery Readings or for room reservations.



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